Month: July 2019

Legume of the month: Soybeans

Published: September, 2019 Unlike many other common bean varieties, soybeans don’t usually show up in canned or dried forms on super-market shelves. But other versions of this versatile legume can be found in many sections of well-stocked stores. In the freezer section, for example, you can find packaged green soybeans, usually still in their pods […]

Marvel’s Avengers Confrimed for PS5 and Xbox Series X; Free Upgrade for Users Who Purchase Current Gen Versions

Square Enix has developer Crystal Dynamics has announced today that their highly anticipated superhero title — Marvel’s Avengers, is set to arrive on both PS5 and Xbox Series X! The announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog and the developers discussed some of the features the game will use on the next generation of consoles. […]

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