Month: December 2019

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines

Published: April, 2011 Government officials declined to follow recommendations on sugar-sweetened beverages and salt. When the federal government’s 2010 Dietary Guidelines finally came out at the end of January 2011, there was more praise for their dos than their don’ts. Some consumer groups and nutrition experts commended the emphasis on combating obesity, controlling calorie intake, […]

Watch: Hania Aamir covers Anna Kendrick’s ‘When I’m Gone’

Actor and social media personality Hania Aamir recently uploaded a video of herself performing Anna Kendrick’s (Cups) When I’m Gone, impressing her fans and Asim Azhar alike. The starlet kept a golden cup which she effortlessly used as her percussion instrument, similar to the way cups were used in the song. Crooning, she also managed to deliver a calm and decent version […]

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