The Best European Cities for Food in 2018, According to TripAdvisor

After booking flights and planning itineraries, you’re ready to figure out the little details of a trip. Deciding where to eat, either months in advance or a few minutes before, is one of travel’s greatest pleasures: you can find a new favourite spot on the other side of the world, gain new stories, and taste things you would never have otherwise.

One of the most exciting aspects of travel is the ability to experience a new culture and lifestyle that’s inarguably unique and authentic. And oftentimes, one can experience that through food.

According to TripAdvisor, here are the best European cities for food in 2018 and a few restaurants you must visit if you find yourself touring through them. 

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1. London, England

From afternoon tea to fish and chips, is known for hearty meals that leave you full for hours, and London is no exception. Some of the most memorable breakfasts known to travellers can be found here: perfect for when you had a bit too much fun the night before.

London - Best European Food TripAdvisor
London, England
  • Top fine dining restaurant: If you’re looking for a delightful British afternoon,The Foyer at Claridge’s is the place to make a reservation. Fit for royalty, this fine-dining restaurant is known for its delicious lamb chops, chicken pies, and scallops.  
  • Top local cuisine restaurant: A trip to London isn’t complete without a classic meal of fish and chips, and The Golden Chippy always delivers fresh fish that will leave you hungry for more long after you’ve left the country.
  • Top cheap eats restaurant: If you’ve never had beans with breakfast, it’s because you’ve never eaten in London. Rest assured, the New London Cafe serves fresh, authentic British breakfasts at extremely reasonable prices.

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2. Paris, France

We all know that Paris is the city of love, but it’s also the city of impeccable pastries, flawless bakeries, and desserts that will make your head spin. From crepes to salmon, Paris is home to the kind of food you never forget, at every price point.

Paris, France - Best European Food TripAdvisor
Paris, France
  • Top fine dining restaurant:Fine dining in Paris should always have a bit of flare, which is exactly what you can expect from Le Gabriel. Known for its exceptional service, romantic atmosphere, and intriguing menu, this is one place that will surely blow you away.
  • Top local cuisine restaurant: With a menu that changes every week, there’s always something new and delicious to try at Seb’on. Amongst visitors, the most common remarks are amazement at the dessert selection, so get ready for some Parisian pastries and cake.
  • Top cheap eats restaurant: Did you even visit Paris if you don’t try a crepe? At Marche Ou Crepe you can afford to try one of everything. From a ham and cheese to strawberry and chocolate, the possibilities are endless and always delicious.

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3. Sicily, Italy

is one place that will make you rethink how you enjoy even the smallest of meals. As a country that prides itself on perfect dining and fine wines, Sicily is no exception to the Italian rule. Every meal, from pizza to cheese trays, is delicious, authentic, and prepared as a labour of love.

The beautiful harbour of Levanzo in Sicily.
  • Top fine dining restaurant: Tucked away from the tourist hotspots, Giardino di Bacco Catania sits as a hidden gem, serving what’s become some of the most popular dishes to tourists and locals. Family owned and operated, you’ll be well taken care of here.
  • Top local cuisine restaurant: Don’t let yourself leave Sicily without trying an authentic Italian panini. Delicious, affordable, and fun to say – Angelina Panini Siciliani is known for its delicious sandwiches, prepared fresh just for you.
  • Top cheap eats restaurant: The best thing about pizza in Sicily: it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here you can indulge in authentic Italian pizza, without sacrificing your budget. It’s affordable, fast, and delicious.

4. Moscow, Russia

No one does comfort food better than Russia. Soups, stews, porridges, and, of course, vodka, are all staples of restaurants in Moscow. Plus, beef stroganoff and chicken kiev kotlety are some of the country’s oldest-standing recipes, meaning you won’t find anywhere else who prepares them like Moscow.

Moscow - Best European Food TripAdvisor

  • Top fine dining restaurant: From breakfast to dinner, Metropol Restaurant serves nearly every Russian delicacy with a fantastic twist. Enjoy a bowl of porridge for breakfast or endless rounds of caviar as a starter: regardless of what you decide, this mid-century hotel takes you back in time to the early days of Russian fine dining.
  • Top local cuisine restaurant: Home to Moscow’s most delicious selection of palmeni (Russian dumplings), Lepim i Varim serves authentic Russian cuisine down to the last detail. Plus, if you’re thirsty after a long day of tours, local craft beer is sold by the bottle, so you can enjoy some with dinner and take it to go.
  • Top cheap eats restaurant: Kosoi Marks is known for its affordability, diverse menu, and delicious beer. While most people come for the beer and stay for the snacks, this is the place to be if you’re looking to experience a local Moscow pub, without going over budget.

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5. Istanbul, Turkey

The cuisine of is unique and largely influenced by the Ottoman Empire. Istanbul, specifically, is known for its refinement of age-old recipes, making it a must-visit destination for any foody or traveller with eager taste buds. From delicate spice blends to rich breakfasts, Istanbul is colourful, flavourful, and aromatic.

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  • Top fine dining restaurant: From goose meat and kebabs, to delectable fish and fresh salads, this is arguably the best place in Istanbul for authentic Ottoman cuisine. With a cozy atmosphere, fast service, and a comprehensive menu, you won’t be disappointed, but you will be well fed.
  • Top local cuisine restaurant:Old Istanbul Cuisine prides itself on serving authentic dishes that leave you wanting more. Its chicken and shrimp casserole has become a popular tourist favourite, while the chicken schnitzel remains a classic. It’s a genuine Turkish experience tucked into one charming restaurant.
  • Top cheap eats restaurant: The Velvet Cafe is consistently recognized by travellers for its amazing breakfast and coffee at such reasonable prices. Eggs, fresh fruit, and handmade jams are all served fresh each morning, with coffee and tea served in historic kettles and teacups.

6. Rome, Italy

You haven’t truly tasted pasta until you’ve dined at an authentic Italian restaurant in Rome. Nowhere else in Italy quite does it like Rome – with dozens of dishes to choose from, all even more delicious than the last. So, if you’re touring through Rome, brace yourself: you’re in pasta-paradise.

Spanish Steps, Rome
Spanish steps, Rome
  • Top fine dining restaurant: With over 2,000 positive reviews on TripAdvisor, Ristorante Crispi 19 is a must-visit destination for fine dining in Rome. Known for its unforgettable tiramisu and beautifully-prepared dishes, it’s easily one of the most ambient and tasty destinations you’ll visit while in Rome.
  • Top local cuisine restaurant:Perfect for large groups or anyone looking for an authentic Italian meat and cheese platter, Pane e Salame is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy what Rome is all about. The sandwiches are known for being extremely large, but nonetheless delicious.
  • Top cheap eats restaurant: If you’re on a budget but still want to experience Rome’s best, Vulio can serve you up a plate of everything Italian, without the high price tag. With a wide selection of breads, sandwiches, pastas, and wine, it’s great for sitting down between tours, or taking your meal to go.

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7. Madrid, Spain

If you think you like Spanish food, a trip to Madrid will quickly confirm your assumptions. Home to some of the tastiest cured meats and most delicately-brewed wines in the world, authentic Spanish cuisine is just the right amount of spice and rice. Your plate will be colourful and your tummy will be full after a dinner out in Madrid.

Madrid, Spain
  • Top fine dining restaurant: Cebo has become undeniably famous in Madrid for its 17-course tasting menu that allows travellers to taste food from every region of the country. Carefully paired with an accompanying wine, the inventive menu takes your taste buds to a whole new world.
  • Top local cuisine restaurant: Cooked as if it were your Spanish Grandmother’s house, Taberna Mas Al Sur serves huge portions of traditional meals, with the option of half portions so you can try more than one dish. Paella, risotto, salad, sangria: it’s all there.
  • Top cheap eats restaurant: If you’re touring Spain on a budget, Bresca has everything you could imagine for a reasonable price. From fresh lasagna, tigella, and a huge variety of sandwiches, this restaurant is a dreamy blend of Italian and Spanish all under one roof.

8. St. Petersburg, Russia

A meal in St. Petersburg, Russia will prove to your taste buds that sweet and savory was really a match made in heaven. Some of the city’s most popular meals include pirozhki and pierogies, and a tour through the country isn’t quite complete without a plateful of these delicious dumplings and puff pastries.

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  • Top fine dining restaurant: Between the stunning atmosphere and the delicious food, it’s hard to say what’s more impressive about Percorso. An amazing blend of Italian and Russian classics, you’ll find yourself indulging in a number of delights, including an exceptional wine list and gluten-free options.
  • Top local cuisine restaurant: Severyanin is one restaurant in Russia that turns even the most basic ingredients into an exquisite masterpiece. From rabbit rolls and baked carrots, to Borsch with veal cheeks, every dish is authentic and memorable. If you’re nervous about trying Russian cuisine, this place will make you a believer.
  • Top cheap eats restaurant: Hidden from most tourists, Pyshechka is a local St. Petersburg cafe known for its fatty Russian foods and doughnuts that put American pastries to shame. Its cozy atmosphere and traditional influence will make you feel less like a tourist and more like a local, and you may never want to leave.

9. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona knows what they’re doing when it comes to seafood, meats, and rice dishes. From paella, a classic rice dish, to some of the best shrimp you’ll ever taste, Barcelona has the perfect amount of Mediterranean influence to make their cooking some of the most unique and delicious in all of Europe.

Barcelona, Spain
  • Top fine dining restaurant: Uma is the definition of fine dining. The atmosphere is impossible to recreate, the dishes are beautifully served, and the food is a culinary adventure. The fabulous 10-course menu allows you to try a number of iconic dishes and the wine never stops flowing. If you’re up for a beautiful dining adventure, this is the place to be.
  • Top local cuisine restaurant:Known by locals and tourists alike, Viana has become a popular stop for amazing tapas, mojitos, and pork belly. The menu is filled with classic Spanish dishes, each with their own unique twist to keep you on your toes.
  • Top cheap eats restaurant: For travellers, it’s always exciting to find a great blend of the foods you love, with a cultural twist. Menssana does just that. A lovely blend of American and Spanish classics, this restaurant-cafe lets you dip your toes in Barcelona’s cuisine before diving in. Plus, because it’s so affordable, you can try a little bit of everything.

10. Berlin, Germany

German food is great for two reasons: it’s extremely flavourful, and most dishes are really fun to say. But goofy words aside, traditional dishes in Berlin are filling, savoury, and and the perfect combination of meat, cheese, and pastry. If there’s one dish you can’t leave without trying, it’s authentic German bratwurst – Germany’s most famous sausage.

Berlin- Best European Food TripAdvisor

  • Top fine dining restaurant: Restaurant Bieberbau was restored from a former home and studio built in 1894. The historic architecture and amazing meals make it a wonderfully unique dining experience for anyone in Berlin. Some of the most popular dishes would surprise you, such as wild boar and catfish, but they’re all fantastic.
  • Top local cuisine restaurant: At Marjellchen, get ready to eat a lot. The plates are overflowing with traditional German classics, like German-style roasted duck, beetroot soup, stag, forest mushrooms, bacon, vegetables, potatoes, cabbage, and more. The list goes on and on and it’s all delicious and totally German.
  • Top cheap eats restaurant: Happies could definitely be one of the most unique dining experience you encounter in all of Europe. A wonderfully creative fusion of Asian, Austrian, and German classics, this restaurant serves breathtaking dishes that are as colourful as they are delicious. From dumplings to plum jam, the servings are big and the prices are reasonable, so pay it a visit and stay for a while.

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If you’re planning a trip to any of these cities, we hope this guide has been useful. Keep in mind that, if you want to eat at any of the fine dining establishments we’ve discussed, you’ll have to book well in advance, as many of them are Michelin-starred, and will fill up quickly.

What are some of your favourite cities for food? Tell us in the comments below! 

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