Among Us Devs Are Interested In Providing Map Editor For Fans

There’s always going to be sleeper hit titles. Some games just take a bit more time to get noticed and then blow up in popularity. With this coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, we’re likely all going back to see what games released that we might have missed out on. One of those games that launched back in 2018 only just became a worldwide hit with fans enjoying the game with friends and other players online. 

Among Us quickly gained popularity on the PC, Android, and iOS platforms this past month. There are several video games out there that offer similar gameplay as it’s a deception title. In the game, players take the role of crew members on a spaceship. You’ll have to complete a variety of tasks to keep the ship afloat, but there’s an impostor or two among the crew that is able to sabotage and kill off the crew. It’s up to the players during meetings to discuss who among them is the impostor. 

This game didn’t have a ton of players when it launched, but it was an IP that the developers believed in as they planned to bring out a sequel. That changed this year when the development team found millions of players logging into the game and enjoying it as it stands.

Now the studio has killed off the sequel to instead focus on bringing more content to the original game. In fact, one of the ideas the studio has is to provide a level editor for players to make use of. This would give everyone the ability to make custom maps for players to likely download and enjoy their video games. Innersloth made note of the idea during an interview with Twitch where the team seemed committed to the idea but it’s something that would take a rather long time to complete. As a result, you should likely expect to see this map editor update come out well after other contents find its way into the game.

At any rate, there’s still an influx of newcomers joining into the game along with veteran players going through the title. While the game is available for the mobile and PC platforms, it does look like the studio has some interest in bringing out ports for the console platforms as well. Although, the ports for the console platforms will prove to be a challenge in different areas of gameplay as it’s not as easy to type out messages during meetings with a controller. 

Source: Gamerant 

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