Fall Guys Season 2 Release Date Unveiled 

Fall Guys was an instant hit when it launched into the marketplace on August 4, 2020. Of course, being available during the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak where most of us are stuck at home likely played a big role in the success of this game. Regardless, battle royale titles are big right now and this title mixes in battle royale and platforming elements. Players who may be feeling a bit burnt out on the game could find themselves jumping back in later this month as we’re getting a new season of content.

There’s been a switch from Fall Guys to Among Us online in terms of popularity, but that switch could happen again as the next season is upon us. In a recent Twitter post from the official Fall Guys Twitter account alerted fans that season 2 of Fall Guys will be available on October 8, 2020, that’s just a few days away. This would see the end of the first season of challenges and present players with a slew of new challenges to complete. Of course, that’s not the only thing that will be included in the game when October 8th hits.

If you didn’t catch the Fall Guys craze a couple of months ago, this is a battle royale title where players take the shape of a bean-like character. From there it’s a battle against a swarm of players to complete a series of mini-games that are either throwing players into teams or played as a solo venture. At any rate, the game offers a diverse set of levels randomly, but this next season will add a new level to complete.

We know that this next season will include new cosmetics as well with the entire season 2 being themed around medieval times. Of course, another element that fans may take some interest in is the ability to add a nameplate. Recently it was also unveiled that Fall Guys season 2 will see more crowns being available for players by completing challenges rather than forcing the player to win games.

Source: Gamesradar 

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