Fall Guys Season 2 Makes Earning Crowns A Bit Easier

Fall Guys was a big hit when it first launched. In the middle of the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, Mediatonic managed to get this indie title out to a large audience. With so many gamers stuck at home, Mediatonic’s Fall Guys was a quick success when it launched for PlayStation 4 as a PS Plus title and alongside the PC release. This is a wacky over-the-top battle royale game that throws players through a series of mini-games.

With sixty participants from the start, players must battle against the other group of players until there is only one player left standing. From splitting groups into teams for competitive mini-games to races featuring a variety of obstacles, Fall Guys can be incredibly frustrating and addicting. However, one aspect that is overwhelmingly frustrating for players it earning crowns. 

Crowns are a currency for the game which players have to earn through completing challenges and winning matches. It’s not easy winning a match and there are only three crowns this first season for players to receive as rewards. This makes it difficult for players to purchase in-app accessories and clothing for their character as they often require too many crowns. That’s something we’ll see changed up in this upcoming season of Fall Guys.

Season two of Fall Guys will include way more crowns for players to earn through challenges. This will make it easier for players to customize their characters with a unique costume. Mediatonic alerted fans that they can expect more crowns in the upcoming season through the official Fall Guys Twitter account, which should further hype up this next season of content. For now, if you haven’t already picked up a copy of the game, you can do so for the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.

Source: Twitter 

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