External HDD For Xbox One Will Work On Xbox Series X

There’s a ton of anticipation and excitement for the video game industry this year. We knew before 2020 hit that this would be the year that Microsoft and Sony will be launching their next-generation console platforms into the market. Of course, we didn’t know just how much of an ordeal we would be enduring this year with the likes of the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. Some of us were wondering if we would even see these next-generation consoles hit the marketplace with this 

That’s of course not going to be the case as both Microsoft and Sony came out and alerted fans that we would see the likes of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 hit the marketplace this November. Still, even if these consoles hit the marketplace, the fact that there are not in-person events has left the marketing and interactions with fans or even media a bit different than before. Both companies opted to bring out the latest news for the next-generation platforms through online streams. Meanwhile, any questions fans are uncertain about have been taken to social media platforms such as Twitter.

In this case, one fan took to Twitter and asked Microsoft’s Major Nelson about the potential of using the external hard drive being used on the Xbox One and Xbox One X models. We know that there is a priority SSD available for the Xbox Series X which will cost consumers $220. That’s quite a hefty amount so sacrificing the luxury of these SSDs for HDDs you may have already for a current-generation platform may be more appealing.

When the question came up on if the external HDD would work or if the drive would need to be formatted, Major Nelson replied that the external HDD would work right away. All players need to do is unplug it from your platform and plug it into the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Other than that there’s no need to wipe your drive or download the content again from your account.

Source: Destructoid 

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