Nintendo Warns Nintendo Switch Users To Charge Their Consoles Twice A Year

The Nintendo Switch is a massively popular video game console platform. It’s actually a hybrid console in which players can take their console on-the-go, or play it as a traditional home console. We’re of course telling you nothing that you don’t already know. However, it’s always helpful to get a few friendly reminders just to ensure that you’re on top of things. For instance, when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, one problem Nintendo wants consumers to know may save your console from being completely unusable.

That’s not to say this problem can’t happen and certainly will be something that we’ll talk about in the future. However, what we’re referring to is the fact that the Nintendo Switch battery can be potentially iffy in the future. This is going to be problematic if consumers leave their Nintendo Switch to sit too long without a charged battery. Just like with several rechargeable batteries in devices today, you might find the Nintendo Switch battery get completely ruined if it’s not charged after a long duration of time.

Chances if you didn’t charge your Nintendo Switch for a short while the console will be fine. Recently, Nintendo sent out a Tweet that was translated. The account made a note to users that they will need to charge their Nintendo Switch once every six months. That’s of course just twice a year which is not a problem for folks who are enjoying the console regularly. After all, the Nintendo Switch is still a new console and it wasn’t long ago that consumers really had a tough time trying to find a unit to even purchase with this covid health pandemic keeping most folks at home.

With this information, it looks like those that use a standard original Nintendo Switch will have an easier time with this problem. Through the use of the docking system, players can not only enjoy the Nintendo Switch on a television display but ensure their units are nice and charged. For those with a Nintendo Switch Lite, you may want to make a mental note to keep the battery in mind for the unit.

Source: Gamespot 

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