Atif Aslam’s recitation of Azaan is the therapy we needed


Singer Atif Aslam is making waves on social media with his tear-jerking Azaan recitation, getting many on Twitter emotional.

Clearly, the O Saathi swooner’s soulful share of the Muslim call to prayer is the therapy we need as the coronavirus pandemic continues to take over the world, which Atif himself seemed to allude to via his Instagram share.

“Azan recitation by Atif Aslam. A call for help,” the singer simply wrote on his Instagram post with the recitation.

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A Call for help

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Twitter seemed to share his sentiments. Shortly after Atif posted his Azaan rendition, many took to the social media platform to pen their emotions.

“Atif Aslam gives Azaan with his beautiful voice, makes me cry. It’s really heart-touching,” one Twitter user said. “Got goosebumps after listening to Azaan in Atif Aslam’s voice,” another wrote.

Another user felt the same, sharing a picture of a man getting goosebumps and penning, “That moment when Atif Aslam recites Azaan.”

“Azaan recitation in Atif Aslam’s voice is the best thing on internet today, his voice was so pacific,” one Twitter user said in praise of the singer.

Others said they respect Atif even more after his Azaan rendition. “One more reason to respect Atif Aslam. What a soulful recitation of Azaan.”

“He is a gem. Ma’sha’Allah, lucky to have you in this era,” another fan said on the social media platform.

Another just cried over the rendition. “Azaan in Atif Aslam’s voice! I’m legit crying. This is so beautiful, so so beautiful.”

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